Episode 28

The Dissapearance of Helle Crafts part 2

Published on: 5th December, 2019

After  a decade of marital problems, 39-year-old flight attendant Helle Crafts finally decided to get a divorce from her domineering husband Richard.  On November 18, 1986, after a long flight from Frankfurt, Helle was dropped off by coworkers at her Newtown, Connecticut, home.  She was exhausted from the flight but excited to be getting home to her three children before a severe snowstorm was to hit later in the evening.  As her friends saw her off,  it didn’t cross their minds that it would be the last time they’d ever see Helle again.


Show written by Lauren Daryani

Narrated and edited by Dan Kelton

Music by BaBaBeats


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