Episode 40

The Kent state massacre

Published on: 23rd June, 2020

A Republican “law-and-order” president under fire after eight years of a Democratic leadership, citizens protesting for change as marginalized groups fought for equality, the rise of conservative populism as the working- and middle-class became concerned with the decline of “traditional” social values, environmental activism, and a country divided by all of these issues…the United States today in 2020? Not quite – try a half-century ago. True Crime Grapple takes you back 50 years to 1970 as the divisions and the disappointments suffered then are still with us today.

As the world struggles with a turbulent 2020 with a pandemic and social unrest, we can see parallels to 1970 and a university in small town Ohio. At scores of American colleges, thousands of students protested President Nixon’s escalation of the Vietnam War. But at Kent State University, no one foresaw the tragic consequences of the first weekend in May 1970 that ended with “four dead in Ohio”.

Show researched and written by Jim Pitts

Narrated by Dan Kelton

Editing and music by Baba beats





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