Episode 41

When Sharon met Bobby

Published on: 22nd July, 2020

To her husband and people around her, Sharon Lopatka seemed like just a regular person, living a normal life.

But what no one knew was that Sharon liked go online to internet chat rooms and talk about her fantasies with strangers. These weren't just regular sexual fantasies though, they involved torture and ended with her being murdered at the height of her sexual pleasure.

She deeply wanted to find someone to partake in this deadly liaison, and she eventually found her man...Robert Glass.


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Show researched, written and narrated by Dan Kelton.

Music and editing by baba beats @bvbvbeats


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True crime grapple
True Crime podcast
True crime grapple covers cases from around the globe, some you've heard, and some you maybe haven't.
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Dan Kelton

Here at the True crime grapple show my awesome team and I look to bring you some of the darkest stories from around the globe. Come to us for your fix of morbid curiosity .
As a show, we've been going for over a year and we continue to grow. A main focus of our show is to deliver a consistent and quality product to the listeners.
In order to do this, we have a small team with each contributing in their own style.
What you get coming out of that, is True crime grapple.
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